Balanced ring modulator

Note: since a ring modulator multiplies two bipolar signals together, but neither of these signals come through to the output, it doesn’t really matter which signal you use as the carrier and which you use as the modulator they are interchangeable.

Fig1 shows the circuit diagram of a diode ring modulator fig 1 : ring modulator it consists of four diodes, an audio frequency transformer t 1 and an rf transformer t 2.

Mixer application guide the unique characteristics of the double balanced ring modulator utilizing schottky-barrier diodes with their high speed switching, square law characteristic, and low noise, provide a near ideal.

A well designed ring modulator is a balanced modulator, but a balanced modulaotr may or may not strictly be a ring modulator i guess the meaning of balanced in this context is the ability for the inputs to null each other out regardless of circuit topology.

Balanced ring modulator

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balanced ring modulator Types of balanced modulator: the suppression of carrier can be done using the following balanced modulators: using the diode ring modulator or lattice modulator using the fet balanced modulator.
Balanced ring modulator
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